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 We have a wide variety of plows in stock to fit most vehicles. Installation available. Below is the specs of the blade that is pictured.  8'2" Steel V plow by The Boss snow plow company.    *98 inch blade width *81 inches in scoop mode *88 inches in v position *85 inches at a 3 ...

Price: $6,675.00
New ArrivalIn Stock
Stock #: 404836666
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The new Midsota HD Utility Buckets are in stock and ready to go. For the contractors and farmers that need a bucket to handle the extreme demand, look no further. 1/4 inch construction and stronger undercarriage will make this the last bucket you purchase for quite some time. Available in 4 different sizes.   ...

Price: $1,525.00
New ArrivalIn Stock
Stock #: HD84
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Midosta 3 & 4 prong spears in stock and ready to go. Pictured is the 3 prong round bale design.   BS3R SPECS   *54 inch frame width *Top spear is 1-5/8" round x 47 inches. *Lower spears are 1-1/2' round x 32 inches. *All spears are replaceable *Replacement bushings avail ...

Price: $575.00
New ArrivalIn Stock
Stock #: 3BSR
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MIDSOTA 84 INCH POWER ANGLE BROOM   $7175.00   *Straight sweeping width is 84 inches. *32" diameter poly/wire wafers *2 inch diameter bearings *Storage stands flip up to sweep. *Power angle upgrade. *Overall width of 96 inches. *27 degree angle rotation *74-3/4 inch full an ...

Price: $7,175.00
New Arrival
Stock #: AB84
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84 INCH BRUSH GRAPPLE For severe grappling needs look no further then the Midsota Brush Grapple. 

Price: $3,475.00
New ArrivalIn Stock
Stock #: BG84
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Not all grapples are made the same. To appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of the Midsota line of Grapples a person needs to see them in person. Stop by today to view the entire line up of attachments offered through Midsota.    *84 inch overall width. *Welded Cross Tube Cylinders. *41 inch inside dep ...

Price: $3,125.00
New ArrivalIn Stock
Stock #: DRFG84
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MIDSOTA IG78   *78 inch overall width. *37.5 inch bucket depth. *30.5 inch bucket height. *35 inch jaw opening *11 total teeth *7-5/8 inch on center tooth spacing *3/4 inch thick teeth *2" X 8" Stroke Dual cylinder clamp system *Approximate 863 pound dry weight   **OPTIONAL SIZE PRICING** &nb ...

Price: $2,475.00
New ArrivalIn Stock
Stock #: 05198
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Price: $875.00
In Stock
Stock #: PF48
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**EQUIPPED WITH POWER ANGLE UPGRADE**   *102 inch overall width. *68.5 inch overal depth. *27.5 inch overall height. *8.5" drum diamter. *149 Total Teeth. *81.5 inch raking width at full angle. *15 to 25 GPM rating. This is standard flow set up. *Simplistic wiring system to adapt to your machine easily and eff ...

Price: $9,475.00
Stock #: PR90
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Price: $1,850.00
New ArrivalIn Stock
Stock #: TRP
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